Upcoming Places to See the Lovely Dozen & 12 Houses Bellydance

It is with much excitement that we announce our most recent performance news:

The Lovely Dozen Troupe will be performing at the Grand Cities ARTFEST

We will be taking the main stage at Town Square from 2pm to 2:45 on Saturday, June 9th – Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see full costumed performances at one of Grand Fork’s most popular cultural events.  Want a special preview of what you’ll see at Town Square? Come check us out at May 11th at 7pm for our first ever fully Staged Show at the Firehall Theatre!  Tickets are $10 at the door.  Styles of Bellydance from across the Middle East will be featured, as well as fusions of Bellydance with other styles of dance, all performed by the auditioned Lovely Dozen Troupe and students of Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken and Natasha Thomas of 12 Houses Bellydance.  You won’t want to miss it!

Current students of our classes can click on “Student Log-In” for access to exclusive class content, including songs we’ll be dancing to at the upcoming show, so feel free to drop 12 Houses on a Wednesday night to learn a little bit too, if you’re so inclined!

Further updates on these coming events, as well as any videos, images, and stories featuring Lovely Bellydancers in North Dakota are posted here regularly, so check back often!

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