Ramadan Greetings! And other News

Hello & Ramadan Kareem!

For those not familiar with the phrase or this Muslim holiday, Kareem means “noble” or “generous.” This season of fasting and removing oneself from the pleasures of the world from sunrise to sunset runs from the evening of July 19th to August 18th, and signals to many in the Bellydance world as a time where they abstain from performing. We at 12 Houses Bellydance and the Lovely Dozen (while full of non-Muslims we may be), like to honor that tradition by breaking from paid performances until after the holiday. We may be attending a few workshops and Haflas over the next month, though, and Classes for the most part will continue at the YMCA and 12 Houses (reminder, no class July 25th, due to a wedding in our 12 Houses space), we just won’t be as busy as we have been in the last month. This is great, both for our sanity and the time it gives us to dance and share with each other once again as friends and troupe mates – starting with a Bollywood movie night next week! No matter what your faith or cultural background, we find it’s always good to take time to touch base with what brought you to the people and things you love in the first place – and in our case, it’s dance!

Coming soon we’ll be holding another round of auditions for the Troupe and them performing in the Grand Forks Art & Wine Walk the final day of Ramadan August 18th. Until then, keep it here for more updates and ways you can partake in this introspective time of Bellydance goodness we’ll be enjoying over the next month. Classes will be focusing on conditioning and strengthening of core skills before we jump into our Fall choreography series in August.

So, to our Muslim & non-Muslim counterparts alike, we say again, Ramadan Kareem and blessings for a beautiful summer! May you rediscover what you love and find joy in renewing your connection to the people and things that brought you there.

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