Zombie Alert! And other Performance/Workshop Updates

Attention Attention! October is just around the corner, and we thought it might be worth a reminder… that Zombiefest is almost here!!!!!

The closer we get to this event, the more excited we are – you won’t want to miss seeing us in full Zombie regalia!

WHAT? Northern Valley Arts Council’s Zombifest

WHEN? October 6th, from 7:45 to 8:30 (after the costume contest, but before the headlining band).

WHERE? in the Grand Forks Town Square

Many of us have been making our costumes by hand and will be decked out in full Zombie gore to share the creepiest, crawling incarnations of Tribal Fusion that we can come up with – it’s sure to be a “chilling” time (though we certainly hope the chills come from our performances and not from the weather)!

Don’t forget the rest of October is packed with awesomeness as well! Dancers from across North Dakota and Minnesota will be here October 27th for classes by Gaia Sofia on American Tribal Style Bellydance (R), culminating in an evening performance of Tribal fusion performances surrounding our Halloween/Day of the Dead theme. It’s gonna be huge! So huge in fact, the location of classes that day HAS CHANGED to accommodate the tremendous response we’ve had so far – we’re very excited about this event! You can learn more and register for workshops by clicking here.

Interested in just seeing us perform and not necessarily taking a class or workshop? You definitely won’t want to miss the free Hafla (Arabic word for “Party”) at 12 Houses that night at 6:30 – there will be food, homemade and professional costumes, and fabulous performances, some featuring props like swords and hookahs. It’s gonna be great! Parents should be warned that while we always strive to keep our shows family friendly, please do consider the themes of this specific evening (Halloween/Day of the Dead) and use your best judgement before bringing children to this particular performance. We won’t be full on Zombies that night, but the spirit of Halloween will definitely be in the air!


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