Tribal Deliciousness! Menu & Hafla Program

The countdown has begun! Just 24 Hours until our American Tribal Style (R) workshops with Gaia Sophia begin at the ND School for the Blind’s gymnasium (we are hard at work making fabulous signs for parking 🙂 Sprinkled throughout thIs awesome weekend-to-be are several performances at venues like the Firehall theatre for their Fright Nights movie event Friday Night and the Grand Forks Alerus Ctr for the Women’s Show at 11am and 3pm Saturday, all culminating in an awesome Hafla full of delicious food and performances by dancers from around the state!

Here’s what we’ll be eating (FREE food cooked by the wonderful Cory Solem) – 6pm

Middle Eastern Seasoned Chicken
Black bean, corn, and potato stew (vegan)
Spicy and Classic style hummus , and
Egyptian Couscous (Vegan)

Can you say “Yum!”

Here’s who will be dancing – 7pm:

Ana Ari, Amaya, Aremi, Ariana, Briste Ean, Lily, Saphira, and Thura of the Lovely Dozen (solos and Troupe numbers from Zombiefest!)

The 12 Houses Bellydance class

Gaia Sophia, our special guest!

Erica of Fargo
Sharon of Grand Forks, performing to music by local band Prepare the Vine!

It’s gonna be a great show!

As you all may know by now, it will also be our last show in the 12 Houses space. As the store closes we will be transitioning into a new space we’ve been offered, so keep it here for more details soon! Until then, however, it’s Tribal time!

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