New Space, New Dances, New Year’s and MORE!

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since we posted any news on this page (even Facebook has been pretty quiet) but we’ve much enjoyed the down time since our final Hafla in the old 12 Houses space back in October.  Since that time we’ve become acquainted with our new space, with classes led by Debbie at 1604 S. Washington (Natasha graduates next week with her Masters, whoohoo! She’s been keepin’ it real at the YMCA on Tuesday nights but on leave from the 12 Houses class), had a few small performances at events like the Veils of Avalon Hafla in Pine River just this past weekend, and the open house of the Healing Arts Manor in East Grand Forks.  This time has been valuable for us to recharge after a whirlwind of events from Summer into the Fall, and prepare for the next whirlwind of awesomeness to come!  The troupe in fact will be meeting just today to finalize choreography for some of these awesome events coming up.  Here’s what we’ll having going on for you in the next few months:

12 Houses Bellydance/Lovely Dozen at the Grand Cities “Celebrate the Night” New Year’s Eve bash!  Last year we performed around 8pm – this year it’s possible we may be performing twice on the program! Keep it here for updates!

February Hafla: The date for this is TBD, but we hope to have a portion of our new space up and running to accommodate guests to celebrate all that we’ve been learning and refreshing for ourselves in our down time this past month – details to come soon!

Our *biggest* news of late:

Club Bellydance by Bellydance Superstars at the Garage Bar in Moorhead! This is some major exciting news that’s less than a week old: members of the Lovely Dozen will be contributing to hosting a production of the nationally known Bellydance Superstars on February 12th!  More details on this will come soon as well, as we know more about what is needed from us, but we look forward to just seeing some awesome professional bellydance if nothing else – you won’t want to miss it!  You can keep it here on our website or at the Bellydance Fargo page for the latest information.

Last, but not least (and what may seem like a long ways away, but it’ll be here before you know it!) we’ll be working with Saroya of Atlanta to develop a set of workshops in May surrounding World Bellydance Day! Natasha will be flying down to Atlanta for the Holidays and there she and Saroya will knock out some details for her to come up and lead a set of awesome workshops like Double Veil and Zils, along with basic courses like a Crashcourse through Middle Eastern styles of Dance and “Flashcard Choreography”  – you won’t want to miss this event so keep your eyes peeled to this page for sure!

So, as you can see, we’re amping up to be quite busy again very soon! Until such time as these events and more info emerges, though, we wish you all a wonderfully safe and happy Holiday season! From everyone here at the Lovely Dozen and 12 Houses Bellydance, “Rak” on! 🙂

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