Let the Countdown Begin!

It’s official – our eyes are now firmly set on World Bellydance Day and the awesomeness that will be coming our way the weekend of May 10-12th.  We’ve made some amazing friends this past month at the Bellydance Superstars show in Fargo and Tribal Wonderland in Pine River – we hope you’ll consider joining us for May as well!  Now up on Facebook is the event page for Shimmymob, the workshops with Saroya of Atlanta, and the show that night (click here to join), and a listing has been submitted to myNDarts.com as well.  Here are the countdown dates you need to know:

Earlybird Registration for Workshops ends March 31st.  You can find out more about the workshops and register here.  This is also the Earlybird deadline for ShimmyMob, which we will be performing with support from the Canad Inns at 10am on Saturday the 11th.

Deadline if you want to perform in the Saturday night show is April 15th.  You can contact us via your workshop registration (in the comments of your Paypal payment) or via email at 12housesbellydance.com to request a performance slot.  Registration of custom made veils by Marie Giarnero is now closed, but Marie will be bringing extra veils for folks to purchase the day of the workshops if they’d like, and we are currently in talks with a variety of vendors to possibly be bringing lots of other goodies for you to peruse and purchase over the weekend, so start saving now to splurge a little when you come!  Details on more of the vendors will be posted here as we finalize those contracts.  Interested in vending? We have space (and super reasonable rates 🙂 available! Contact us at 12housesbellydance@gmail.com!

These dates will be coming at you before you know it! The Lovely Dozen troupe is already hard at work putting together new numbers for the show (including welcoming our newest member Kelly Ferguson!) and like I said before, we’ve been making LOTS of new friends we look forward to hopefully hosting here for future events as well.  World Bellydance Day this year will only be the beginning!

Please don’t hesitate to send any questions regarding events to us at 12housesbellydance@gmail.com – we’ll be sure to post more here as we perform out and about town leading up to the May workshops, but by and large you’ll find us pretty focused on that event.  It’s sure to be an awesome time!  We hope you’ll join us!!

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