Deadlines and Details!

Lovely-dozen-header_WBDGeneral Registration for our workshops is now closed, and with each passing day World Bellydance Day 2013 gets closer and our excitement grows! If you’ve missed our deadlines but still want to be involved somehow, email us at – we (and this weekend) will have plenty still to offer! Just how can you still be involved, you may ask? Here are the latest details of all the awesomeness, including the lineup of our stage show on Saturday, May 11th!

Friday, May 10th: Meet & Greet with Saroya of Atlanta.

Saturday, May 11th: Come watch us perform ShimmyMob at the CanadInns, 10am! Workshops will follow from 10:30 to 4:30 at the School for the Blind, then it’s off to our Stage Show at the Firehall Theatre, which we are excited to tell you now will be featuring the talents of not only Saroya Atlanta and members of the Lovely Dozen Troupe (Ana Ari, Altaira, Amaya, Aremi, Briste Ean, Lily, Namine, Saphira, and Thura), but Farasha (also from Atlanta), Annakiya Seher, Enchanting Erica, and Ezma Siddiqah of Fargo, Gaia Sophia of Pine River, Minnesota, and students of the 12 Houses Bellydance Class! If you’re a performer who sees your name mentioned here, stay tuned to your emails for further details – if you don’t see your name here, not to worry! The Meet & Greet Hafla has more than enough room and we’ll be emailing you folks soon as well – we’re very excited to be having such talent joining us! Tickets will be $8 at the door, with partial proceeds to benefit the Community Violence Intervention Center, our local charity for the ShimmyMob campaign.

Sunday, May 12th: we’ll finish the weekend with more workshops, then a chocolate party at the School for the Blind with Dove Creations rep Marie Giarnero, who will also be vending veils and other lovely accessories throughout the weekend. Also providing scrumptious wares to sell will be SaraCura, Jennifer Norton (Briste Ean of the Lovely Dozen), and the owners of our class’s former home, 12 Houses!

So, all in all, it’s going to be a delicious event and we can’t wait to share it with our friends and neighbors in the greater Grand Forks community! Stay in touch and spread the word: the Bellydancers are coming!

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