World Bellydance Day Thanks! Plus a Look Forward…

What a weekend!! By the time this post hits the website, we’ll have finished our first ever day of World Bellydance Day workshops with Saroya Atlanta, and the Stage Show will have rocked the house at Firehall Theatre! As we write this post now, our hearts are filled with such gratitude towards all the wonderful people who helped make this weekend a reality – we wanted to make sure we set up the page to automatically thank those people while we were off recovering from what’s sure to have been a tremendous weekend! Namely:

Saroya of Atlanta, for teaching some amazing workshops!

Jennifer Norton, Marie Giarnero, and SaraCura  for bringing us wonderful, jingly, sparkling, and delicious things for us to buy and admire 🙂

The Lovely Sarah for hosting our Stage Show last night and manning the registration booth for workshops – it was such a joy to be able to have someone help us set the tone for the weekend, and be so friendly and beautiful while doing so!

Members of the Lovely Dozen Troupe for hosting this whole weekend and doing all that comes with that kind of responsibility – we couldn’t have done this all without you!

** Posters, Programs & Web Design: Saphira (Jenna Solem)

** Point of Contact, Registration & Location Coordinator: Aremi (Natasha Thomas)

** Hospitality Team (decorators of nametags and posters, hosters of vendors and wonderful
cooks/drink makers extraordinare!) Ana Ari, Amaya, Naminé, Thura, and
Briste Ean (Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken, Amanda Burke, Kelly Ferguson,
Jennifer Norton & Karlene Clark, respectively 🙂

** Choreographers/Group Number Coordinators: Thura & Amaya

Our Sponsors and Venue Hosts: The CanadInns, Grand Forks YMCA, North Dakota School for the Blind, and Firehall Theatre, all of whom donated their spaces for us to use over the course of the weekend while we were raising funds for our local charity, the Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC). Thanks to you we were able to spread the word about this event in a way we would never have been able to otherwise! Thank you also to our local news media for their help in sharing World Bellydance Day statewide.

And of course, all the workshop and show attendees, and friends who’ve supported us throughout this process: This event definitely couldn’t have happened without you! Your support and friendship mean more to us than you may ever know! As a token of how much we appreciate you all, we want you to be the first to know who’s coming to Grand Forks next to share all this Bellydance love we’ve been building! These are instructors and performances you WON’T want to miss!

Mahin , of the Daily Bellydance Quickie, October 19-20

and coming for World Bellydance Day 2014…

Lauren Boldt, former Bellydance Superstar and Current Performer with Bellydance Evolution!

Details on both of these fabulous guest instructors next year will be forthcoming on this page, and of course there will be plenty of goodness from your local Bellydancers to come between now, October, and next May 🙂 but we hope seeing these two big names will get you as excited as they have made us! We are excited to continue building what was started this year both professionally and personally, furthering the tremendous Belly-sister and brother relationships we so love to find and nurture. Much love to you all and happy dancing! We’ll see you again soon!

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