Shimmying into Summer!

With World Bellydance Day 2013 behind us (though pics and video will likely be coming to you via Facebook or this website all summer!) we are once again readying ourselves for our Summer Circuit of performances! We’ve got some fun events coming up this year, some here in Grand Forks, and others throughout the region.  You can keep tabs on what we’ll be doing here and on Facebook – here’s just a preview of where we’ll be:

May 31st/June 1st: Relay for Life, we’ll be donating a performance onstage just after midnight, 12:30am to be exact – make sure to get your coffee that night so you can stay awake to catch the show!

June 1st: Saphira and Aremi will be dancing at the Desert Journies show in Duluth, MN

June 8th: The Lovely Dozen will be performing at the Altru Sponsored Grand Cities Art Fest again this year! We hit the stage at 12 noon for an hour, so come out prepared to enjoy the sunshine!

June 22nd: Members of the Lovely Dozen will be traveling to the Sleepy Hollow Midsummer’s Festival again this year – our stage time is TBA, but if you live in the area you’ll definitely want to come out for this one.

We’ll be sure to update this page as more events and details arise, and of course classes will be continuing at the 12HousesBellydance and YMCA spaces all summer long, so no matter how you feel like enjoying Bellydance this summer, we’ve got you covered!

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