Sun Shining on Lovely Dozen Studios

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday with family and friends! Our performance at the Sertoma 4th of July celebration in Town Square went off with a bang! We had a great crowd of people passing through with ice cold lemonades and smiles on their faces. We hope it was an enjoyable cultural experience for new and returning audience members alike.

On Thursday of this week a few of our troupe members will be performing at Valley Memorial Eldercare for an evening of fun and relaxation outside. Next Friday, July 19, we will be heading to Larimore, ND to dance as part of their local talent show. The next day we will be performing at the Art & Wine Walk at 1 p.m. in the Townhouse Hotel. If you happen to be taking in the artwork around downtown, feel free to stop by the hotel to watch us perform.

Also on Thursday Amanda (Amaya) will be teaching her first American Tribal Style class at 6:30 in our studio at 1604 S. Washington. Stay tuned to our website for more details about upcoming events, masterclasses, workshops and performances!

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