Adding Flare with Flamenco

We hope everyone is doing well as July comes to a close! Check your calendars because coming up soon there is an opportunity to learn about the beautiful and powerful style of Flamenco dance, hosted by the Lovely Dozen Studios! The workshops will be taught by guest instructor Julia Fernandez de Maez of Watertown, SD, who has been dancing Flamenco professionally for 11 years and danced formally with the Flamenco Nuevo Mexico Troupe in Central New Mexico. She also trained for the better part of five years on the Santa Fe plaza, and has continued her studies with the Zorongo Flamenco theater in Minneapolis. 

 Workshops will be structured in two parts: The first, August 10th from 10:00am to 12:30pm, will be on the basics and choreography to a classical piece called the Alegrias. While the second, August 17th from 10:00am to 12:30pm, will focus on a traditional more folklore/gypsy piece called the Sevillanas. Both workshops will cover a variety of foot percussion, spins, kicks and arm formations weaving together the choreographies (NOTE: shoes are NOT necessary). Classes can be taught in both Spanish and English (in case anyone makes it to dance in Spain!) No previous Flamenco exposure is necessary, though do be aware that the dance is rather high impact. The class will be taught at in introductory level with many basics. Music can be included for an additional fee of $30 to purchase a flash drive containing the break down of each choreography.

COST: $50 per 2.5 hour workshop (one on Saturday, August 10th, the other on Saturday, August 17th)

WHERE: Lovely Dozen Studios! 1604 S. Washington

REGISTER: By sending an email and/or Paypal payment to (payment can also be made at the door)

Other things going on with the Lovely Dozen Studios is our space is coming together beautifully! Whenever possible we try to add details to make the space our own and create a welcoming and embracing dance environment. Pretty soon we hope to pick out paint colors for the walls and really add some extra personality! So come check out the class on Wednesday evenings taught by Debbie, or Amanda’s new class on Thursday evenings to dance, build friendships and check out what we’ve done with the place!

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