Grand Opening this Sunday!

Come join us for the Grand Opening of our studio space at 1604 S. Washington this Sunday, September 8!

From noon until 4:30 we will be having an open house with snacks, tours, vending, drumming and (of course) dancing! Sign up for door prizes (we’ve got some good ones) and stay for Briste Ean’s (Jennifer Norton) Polynesian Fusion Masterclass kickoff!

Just a reminder that Julia will be here on Friday, October 18 for her
second Flamenco workshop. Following that will be workshops on both
Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20, with Mahin. And don’t
forget about the informal halfa on Saturday night! Details about Mahin & the individual workshops can be found on the Workshops & Hafla web page or at (fun fact, these workshops are going to be SUPER affordable, without any “early” or “standardized” rate changes to worry about!) You can register online up to September 15th.

Finally, it is quite a ways into the future, but keep World Bellydance Day 2014 on your calendars because we will be having Lauren Boldt, former Bellydance Superstar and Current Performer with Bellydance Evolution lead some fantastic workshops!

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