Shimmytastic Thank You!

A Post Shimmython THANK YOU From the Lovely Dozen!

Our first ever Lovely Dozen Shimmython was a smashing success, and we couldn’t have done it without the following people:

First, our fantastic participants:


 Natasha Thomas (Most Money Raised and Longest Shimmy by a Soloist at 1 hr, 1 min)

 Jennifer Norton (Most Money Raised/Longest Shimmy by a Team – as a group they were on the floor a combined 2 hours!) 

 Amanda Burke (“Team Awesome” Member, Longest Shimmy by an Individual on a Team at 47 minutes)

 Jenna Solem (“Team Awesome” Member, Most Money Raised by an Individual on a Team)

Shimmython Drummers

 Drummers Amoussa Koriko, Bernie Thomas, and Fadlalla Koko.

Next, to our amazing sponsors: Some pledges are still to be fulfilled, but we want to be sure to thank everyone who helped us (and continues to help us – Paypal link still located below if you need to finalize your pledge) to raise a grand total of $607 for the American Music Therapy Association!

 At the “Friendly” Level (up to $49, or “Swag Only” Donations)

Angela Ferguson, Stephanie Kloss, Jo-Anne Yearwood, Theresa Knox, Candy Lien, Lori Mattick, Lanna Slaby and Linda Kraft.

Bold Oracle Costuming (Hair Flowers given away as Prizes to Team Winners), Grand Forks YMCA (Free 7 day passes given to all participants), Lovely Dozen Studios (Free class passes/lessons given to Prize Winners).

 At the “Supporting” Level ($50 to $99)

Janet Rex (who came with her friend Danielle to cheer us on too!)

 At the “Patron” Level ($100 to $250)

Darrel Courtney and Erica Franklin of Bellydance Fargo. The former donation was our biggest conditional donation, made on the premise that Solo Competitor Natasha Thomas meet or exceed her Shimmy Time Goal of 1 hour (which she did at 1 hour and 1 minute)! The latter donation was a very special gift from a dance sister in Fargo who chose to donate funds that were anonymously gifted to her from another event. As a Thank-You, Patron Level Sponsors can expect to receive Passes to Lovely Dozen Events/Classes over the next few weeks. 

 We are tremendously grateful to all our sponsors for each of their unique connections to us as women and artists.  We love you all and couldn’t have done this without you!

 So what’s next for the Lovely Dozen?

 The Beat Goes On! 

 Check out our main events page on this site for information on Lauren Boldt, coming to us in May from Bellydance Evolution in California (an International Touring Company producing Theatrical Productions of Bellydance-themed shows, most recently Alice in Wonderland, in which our guest plays the starring role!)

Steps in Time

This will be a new class offered at the Lovely Dozen dance studio on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. starting Friday, February 7, and will be taught by Jenny Morris! To begin with we’ll be focusing on some regency dances (1790s to early 1800s). Think Jane Austen, but also expect to see some Scottish Country dances and more. These dances are light and fun, and one and all are welcome! Whether you’ve been dancing all your life or have never danced a note! Please drop in any time you can and we can’t wait to see you!

Bollywood and Bhanghra Masterclass Series in February

We had a great time learning Bollywood and Bhanghra moves from Karlene (Thura) at her first masterclass this month! Come join us for two more Sundays at the Lovely Dozen dance studio at 4:30 pm! This class is fun, bouncy and energetic, and we will continue to go over the fundamentals of a few classical Indian dance styles, Bollywood and Bhanghra. She will also talk about costumes from these dance styles and teach a little choreography to Pretty Woman! Hope to see you there!

On the Horizon

Stay tuned to our classes and calendar on the main website for up to the minute news on what we’re teaching in the Studio, or where we’re performing around town, namely our monthly events like Kids Day (coming up on the 3rd Saturday of every month) and the Bellylounge (4th Saturday), where Lovely Dozen Troupe members put on Restaurant Quality Performances in a laid back Coffee-Shop style environment. Many of these events are “Pay What you Can,” and classes are a great way to meet new people and challenge your body to firm, strengthen, and tone, in fun and exciting new ways!

 We hope to see you around soon!

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