A Lovely Dozen Thank You!

We want to extend a shimmytastic THANK YOU from the Lovely Dozen Troupe for all those who participated in our recent workshops with Lauren Boldt, supported us at our second annual SHIMMYMOB performance at the Grand Cities Mall and came out to our stage show at the UND Burtness Theatre! We learned so much from Lauren, we were able to raise money for Shimmymob and the Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC), and we were able to share our love of bellydance with our community. The weekend was jam packed with bellydance goodness and we couldn’t have done it without you!


To our Shimmymob Contributors:

Altru Family YMCA and The Spirit Room (workshop/rehearsal spaces)

JR Herzog and Sons

Grand Cities Mall (performance space)

H2M & other Anonymous Financial Donors

…and our Team Leader Enchanting Erica!

To our Fabulous Volunteers:

We are grateful to our stage managers, ticket takers, and others who’ve helped us along the way to plan and execute this event. You know who you are – y’all are awesome!

To our Special Guest and Vendors:

Lauren Boldt with Bellydance Evolution

Sara Cura

World Tree Dance

Briste Ean of the Lovely Dozen

And last but not least, to YOU!

Our audience, friends and family, thank YOU for coming out to support us! We couldn’t have done it without you!


Grand Cities Relay for Life

The Lovely Dozen will be making an appearance at Relay for Life (weather permitting) this year on Friday, June 6. Come out to see some bellydance, support a good cause, and support those who are walking and those who are being honored and/or remembered!

Climax Minnesota’s Small Town

Saturday, June 7

Altru Family Grand Cities Art Fest

Saturday and Sunday, June 14-15, performance time TBA

Brigid’s House Summer Solstice Event

Saturday, June 21, Park Rapids, MN

Amy Danielson from the Bold Oracle

October 19-21, 2014

Workshops and a Halloween Stage Show featuring an original theatrical production by the Lovely Dozen!

Enjoy the start of summer and stay tuned for other upcoming events and performances!

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