Countdown to Medusa!

Hello everyone!

We’re just days from our Stage Show this weekend featuring dancers from around the region and the WORLD PREMIERE of our original Legend of Medusa production!  If you’ve been following us on the Facebook Event Page, you’ve no doubt seen all the character profiles and information we’ve been dropping as we get closer to the show date, but here are some more details for the week leading up to the show:

WEDNESDAY, OCT 22nd will be the final rehearsal for the General Middle Eastern Dance class number.  Starting next Wednesday (Oct 29th) we’ll be doing some back to basics drills (so if you’re a beginner bellydancer we’d recommend joining us next week) and then after that we’ll be jumping into a unit on the Balady style of Egypt!

THURSDAY, OCT 23rd will be the final rehearsal date for the American Tribal Style class number.  The following week Amaya will continue with the Level 1 work currently in progress, though beginners are welcome to drop in anytime!

FRIDAY, OCT 24th come to the Masquerade! Starting at 7:30pm, Steps in Time will be hosting a costumed ball, with regency era dances, food, and merriment, featuring an appearance by the Lovely Dozen!  Guests at the Masquerade who come in costume will receive a coupon for 1/2 off tickets to Medusa!

…And then comes the big day!

Eery Night of Bellydance

Need help finding the PAC?  There’s a great map with directions HERE.

We’ll be adding a little more incentive to the costume invite as well: in addition to getting 1/2 off your ticket for coming in costume, guests who dress up for our Eery Night of Bellydance show will also get a chance to win a free class pass or Lovely Dozen merchandise in our costume contest, which will be occurring between the first and second opening acts of the show.  So if you come in your Halloween best you may just win more than $5 ticket!

Students and performers in the show, stay tuned to emails and Facebook updates from us as we get closer and closer to this event.  We’re so excited for you all to see this production we can barely stand it!!

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