Kicking off Summer

Well, I mean, we technically kicked off Summer with our amazing weekend with Ranya – thanks again to everyone who made that weekend an incredible success. But I tend to always think of Summer as starting with the one, the only, Artfest.


This will be our 4th year at Artfest and I could not be more excited! It’s my personal favorite event of the year because I love being surrounded by local creative minds and art lovers. Also, an excuse to walk about in costume for the weekend is alway welcome. This year, we were offered quite a bit of time – 3 sets between the two days of the event, so we decided to take this opportunity to really showcase some of our strong points.

LD May CropSet 1 – Classy and Traditional

Noon on Saturday, we get the main stage to do our thing – and we’re taking full advantage. We’ll be busting out some troupe favorites, Oum Kalthoum, and (of course) some glamorous glitzy costumes. You can expect some American Cabaret sprinkled with Shaabi, Belady, and Modern Oriental additions. I really love this as our first set: it’s bold, it’s exciting, and it kicks off the weekend right!

Set 2 – Folksy and ImprovisedLovely Dozen-40

Following our traditional set, we’ll be headed down to the Greenway for some live music! This set will be half-live music, half-recorded, and totally improvised by the dancers (and only kinda improvised by the musicians). We thought this we be the best place to put our folksy, informal band – out, in the open, and on ground level. And yes, you can totally come up to us, we will be fully approachable! Dance with us, get your hands on a drum, or just claim a spot on the grass and chill.

2015-05-17 15.44.39Set 3 – Fun, Funky, Fusion

For Sunday, we’ll be bringing some of our crazier concepts. This set will be a mix of world music, pop (of the American and Arabic varieties), and Tarkan. (Yes, he gets his own category.) I promise fun, giggles, and neato costume pieces. This set really defies words or explanation, it must be experienced. Fusion can be a difficult concept in the bellydance world, fraught with cultural clashes, mixed messages, and uncertain intent – but, it can also be beautiful, fun, and accessible to folks unfamiliar with more traditional/historical styles. I mean, where else are you gonna see bellydance set to Fall Out Boy?

We are excited to see everyone out and about this weekend!

Enjoy the Sun

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