Aremi has been dancing since before she could walk, but her early days in Ballet never quite seemed right – Aremi grew up tall and lanky, with limbs that wanted to stretch outside the box those first forms of dance required her to keep them in.  So in 2007 when she found Bellydance, it was like a whole new world opened up, and she hasn’t left since!  Aremi is a current online student of Mahin (of the Daily Bellydance Quickies!) and Saroya of Atlanta (who was her very first instructor when she was living in Georgia).  Her specialties are in Egyptian Folk and Cabaret forms of dance.  Aremi has additionally had the pleasure of participating in workshops with Ranya Renee, Bahaia, and Carolena Nericcio of FatChance Bellydance to hone her skills in these areas, as well as establish an awareness and respect for others like American Tribal Style.  Aremi loves networking with other dancers, and the wonderful community of women (and men!) that Bellydance has helped cultivate in her life.

_KJJ5428_revAremi, a founding and performing member of the troupe, is the Events Coordinator for the Lovely Dozen and the powerhouse behind organizing our annual May workshops. She currently teaches the Middle Eastern Dance class and often presents Masterclass topics focusing on understanding the nuances of Middle Eastern music and bringing musicality into dance.





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