Nixie has always had a love for dance but never really found a style that fit her….until she saw her first live belly dance performance. As a dance that is suited to all shapes and sizes, it really spoke to her. Nixie began taking classes at the YMCA, and later 12 Houses, in 2012. As a rather shy person, Nixie found herself coming out of her shell and gaining in self-confidence the more she danced. She performed for the first time in October of 2012 and joined the Lovely Dozen dance troupe in February of 2013. Since then she has enjoyed the instruction of many amazing dancers. Nixie loves all styles of belly dance but has really found a passion for American Tribal Style and has had the opportunity to attend workshops taught by Anita Lalwani and Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman of Fat Chance Belly Dance. Belly dance has helped Nixie to truly love and appreciate her body and her femininity and she enjoys sharing that feeling with her dance sisters and audience.

_KJJ5440Nixie is a performing member of the troupe and is currently an instructor at Lovely Dozen Studios, teaching Bellydance 101 and assisting with other regular classes.




Kelly2014-10-25 05.57.41

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